The Hardest Tasks Made Easy

Think about the hardest task you had to make, accomplish, or overtake. It may have seemed hard then, but does it feel as difficult now? We learn from our mistakes and move on.

In baking, the hardest thing was making cake pops and macarons. 

Macaron makingCake pop making

  • Cake pops: I found out the reason my cake pops weren’t working well years ago was that the frosting wasn’t the right consistency and the chocolate wasn’t melted right. Now, it is one of the items I can bring to the office to share!
  • Macarons: I had thought that macarons was super difficult to make based on the reviews I’ve read. Now, I’ve made Earl Grey tea macarons twice and they look more like the macarons they sell at the bakery! The most time consuming parts of this were mixing the egg whites and sugar to form peaks and piping the shells carefully on the parchment paper.

In cooking, I like experimenting. Some recipes may look daunting, like cooking with a certain ingredient or following a specific procedure. This week, I have been trying a few new recipes. I had never worked with eggplant before, but I was craving the Chinese garlic eggplant dish I had two weeks earlier. What a coincidence that I saw these thin eggplants being sold in a Chinese store over the weekend! I quickly found a recipe for Chinese style sweet and sour eggplant dish, to serve with oyster mushrooms and brown rice, and success! – my fiancé had said it was his favourite dish  of the week! With a different dish, I’m still trying to perfect, as the way my mom made it makes me homesick of home.

In life, one of the challenges is public speaking and getting comfortable talking conversationally with people I had just met.  

However, not all things can achieve perfection by practicing over and over, like recipes. Some things in life, we are only given one chance and we must make the best of that one chance! 

Now, I’m trying to take big daunting steps forward, in terms of career and in life. I will be moving outside my comfort zone no matter which direction life takes me, and I’m going to seize the most out of this challenge!

Carpé diem!

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