My Baby is ONE

Last month, in January, my baby turned ONE. It was a year full of changes that no one expected.

2020: the pandemic

The first time we heard about COVID, it was on the other side of the world, we didn’t think that it would affect us. When I went into labour, we were scared when we heard someone in the same room had symptoms that they were checking for. She was isolated with her family quickly. We were still happy to have family visit us in the hospital and at home for those first couple months. We were still able to go out for dinner a few times, and to celebrate our last date night sans baby for my husband’s birthday at a Raptors game. Little did we know, that was the last of what we considered normal. It was also the last time we rode the TTC.

The lockdown started in March – everyone tried to buy out all the paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, wipes, formula, sanitizer, and food, because people didn’t know what to expect. We had “Stay Home” orders that we could only go out for exercise or grocery. This meant that family, who we saw on at least a weekly basis, were not able to come over anymore. They were not able to hug and hold our baby and see her developmental milestones in person. Instead of weekly dinners, we had weekly video calls and frequently shared photos and videos of our baby’s progress. It was 13 weeks of virtually watching her:

  • Coo,
  • Intentionally smile and laugh for the first time,
  • Discover hands and feet,
  • Try solid food,
  • Roll,
  • Sit,
  • Pull to stand,
  • Stand with support, and
  • Jump in the jolly jumper

before the lockdown was lifted and they could see her again. We are still grateful that technology has advanced so much that we could still send them details on her accomplishments. That first time they saw her again, they couldn’t wait to hug her and hold her, play with her in the jolly jumper, and feed her solid food.

As time went on, she had learned to:

  • Crawl,
  • Be silly (play peekaboo with us, blow raspberries on us or at us, click her tongue, remove all bibs and the bibado when she’s done with food),
  • Clap,
  • Wave,
  • Shake her head and nod,
  • Understand more words (like “mama”, “baba”, “ba”, “no” (shakes her head), “yeah”, “bye bye” (waves), “more” (and sign more), “want more”, “that” (da), “banana” (nana), “nainai”, and lots of baby babble),
  • Crawl,
  • Cruise, and
  • Start walking.

Our baby celebrated her first birthday at home, with two areas decorated for photos. She played the zhua zhou game, where the first things she picks determines her future or career. She picked the calculator and computer – does this mean she will be a programmer like her namesake, or an actuary, or a math and comp sci major like her father? We had sushi takeout (she enjoys the avocado, sweet potato, cucumber and california rolls) and a mini cake I baked for her, she was able to pick up and smear all over her face while eating. Luckily, she is young that she may not remember this birthday.

We were able to get some summer and fall months with seeing our family who are in our tight circle. But now, we are in lockdown mode again as COVID cases have gone up again in our area. However, don’t despair, there is hope that normalcy will be back later this year, as the vaccine has started to be distributed and given to front line workers. We are hoping for our family to not miss too much this year as our baby reaches new milestones.

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